Women’s Health Cookbook with Easy Recipes: Too Hot in the Kitchen Cookbook

Too hot in the kitchen cookbook with simple easy recipes in best girlfriend gift is women's health cookbook for best women's healthy recipes

Too Hot in the Kitchen Cookbook -Fun Women’s Health Cookbook Makes Best Girlfriend Gift

Hey Girlfriend! Too Hot in the Kitchen is a fun reading women’s health cookbook with women’s healthy recipes to inspire eating healthy! This tops girlfriend gift ideas because you actually get a practical useful gift that will make you smile and help with women’s survival in the kitchen.  This best girlfriend gift book features 200 simple easy recipes plus quotes for fun reading. Designed for today’s busy woman with 100 color photographs and illustrations to inspire eating healthy!  You’ love my healthy easy recipes with a trim and terrific twist on everyday recipes . From homemade facials to effortless entertaining, get ready to learn the secrets to sizzle in your own kitchen!

Looking for Girlfriend Gift Ideas? Too Hot in the Kitchen Cookbook Tops List of  Women’s Health Cookbook

As you look through the chapters in my women’s health cookbook, you will quickly realize why it makes the best girlfriend gift idea ever.  Of course, the simple easy recipes make each chapter perfect for practical healthy cooking.  I tried to think of my life and what you would want.  I definitely had fun with Food for the Mood Chapter-you’ll find out some things you never knew before.  Also, I know people LOVE TO READ cookbooks so women’s quotes are scattered through the pages.  So, for entertainment in bed (I meant reading the cookbook) or entertaining your family with food, this great girlfriend book will keep you smiling and keep you healthy!

As Holly Clegg’s trim&TERRIFIC Too Hot in the Kitchen

Chapters Include:

Lovin’ No Oven (No cook recipes)
Quickies (Fast, easy recipes)
Table for Two (Cooking for two)
Food for the Mood (Recipes for romance)
Effortless Entertaining (Crowd pleasing recipes)
Brunch and Munch (Breakfast and snack ideas)
Fill Up with Fiber (High fiber recipes)
Sweet Temptations (Decadent desserts)
Passport Pleasures (Cultural specialties)
Diva Dermatology (At-home skin care recipes)

Chapters in Too Hot in the Kitchen with focus on Women’s Health Cookbook

The chapters in Too Hot in the Kitchen might be fun to cook and fun to read, however, most importantly, you are cooking healthy!  Each of the simple healthy recipes include nutritional information and the diabetic exchanges.  The recipes make you a sassy strong woman in the kitchen!  You’ll find outrageously delicious recipes such as One Dish Oven Baked French Toast, Guacamole Goes Mediterranean, Home-Style Chicken, White Chocolate Blueberry Bundt Cake,

My Inspiration Behind My Women’s Health Cookbook For Best Girlfriend Gift!

Do you sometimes get tired of thinking of new innovative girlfriend gift ideas?  Well, I was out to dinner with a girlfriend who was complaining about “hot flashes.”  Of course, I knew exactly what she was talking about.  She said, “Holly, you need to write a women’s healthy cookbook to help women through life.  So, I thought about this concept.  My answer was Too Hot in the Kitchen, a woman’s cookbook with healthy simple easy recipes because we are all too busy to cook!  Then, I had to include “hot flash recipes” so I did in “Lovin No Oven chapter.  So many people that have this cookbook, tell me it is their favorite with the best easy healthy recipes.  You’ll find sample recipes on my healthy food blog.

A Good Girlfriend Gift Must Include Skin Care!

I love to buy skincare products and also realize what we eat can affect your skin as well as your well being. So, I included a chapter in the beginning of the book called Foods To Improve that highlights the health benefits of foods we eat. Then, there’s a chapter devoted to Diva Dermatology!  What is more fun for a girlfriend skincare party to make your own masks, rubs and organic skincare products.  No worries.  No special trips to stores because just like my recipes, my homemade skincare recipes are made with everyday ingredients. The Margarita Salt Body Buffer (Diva Dermatology recipe) really softens your skin! Wait until you try my homemade Facial recipes

Simple Easy Recipes In My Best Girlfriend’s Gift in this Sassy Women’s Health Cookbook 

  • Nutritional and diabetic exchange information
  • Highlights Freezer-friendly and Vegetarian recipes
  • Spicy Advice with serving suggestions and cooking tidbits
  • Creative coffee pairing ideas

Effortless Entertaining with Guacamole

Guacamole Goes Mediterranean dip from Too Hot in the Kitchen cookbook from the Lovin’ No Oven chapter is an easy crowd-pleasing appetizer you can whip up in minutes. Y’all know I am an avocado addict so this guacamole recipe really hits the spot.  It is quick to whip up and has so much flavor!  I think you’ll love this combination of avocado with feta and Mediterranean flair.  Actually, this is my go-to Guacamole dip of all my guacamole dip recipes.

Girlfriend gift ideas for bet girlfriend gift with Guacamole Dip in oo hot in the kitchen-women's health cookbook

Gone Viral – Best Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe

Blueberry Muffin Streusel Cake from this fantastic women’s health cookbook is so popular I made it to bring to friends 5 times last month! When I posted this recipe on Facebook, I have never had a recipe go viral so fast but it is so good and SO easy.  I can understand why this easy blueberry coffee cake is so popular. This luscious cake makes a great breakfast, snack or treat (or all three). You will love cooking and reading from my great women’s health cookbook that makes the best girlfriend gift that your friend will have fun reading and using.


Featured in www.instyle.com as “What’s Hot”
2011 Silver Winner Nautilus Book Award in Food/Cooking/Nutrition
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Girlfriend Gift Ideas Made Special

You can get an autographed copy of this cookbook directly from my website store. Enter in TRIM25 for an additional 25% off!! Also, corporate or quantity discounts are also available. Contact me directly at holly@hollyclegg.com It’s all about my simple easy recipes in a book that you will love cooking from!

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