Healthy Enchiladas Recipe-Easy Cookbook Highlights Diabetic Recipes

healthy enchiladas recipe makes diabetic enchilada recipe

My Healthy Enchiladas Recipe Is Also Favorite Beef Diabetic Enchilada Recipe!

My healthy enchiladas recipe makes my favorite enchiladas.  This diabetic enchilada recipe made with beef makes aa amazing and easy southwestern dish. There is no magical diabetes diet.  You need to practice straightforward healthy lifestyle changes, moderate sugar, fat, and portion control. My newest cookbook, KITCHEN 101: Secrets to Cooking Confidence, takes the thinking out of healthy diabetic meal choices.  This book focuses on delicious easy healthy recipes. Every recipe includes nutrition facts and diabetic exchanges.  Also, the symbol D’ highlights diabetic recipes and these dishes fit into the American Diabetes Association standards. You’ll love my southwestern favorite Easy Beef Enchiladas.  This simple dish makes my easy diabetic healthy enchiladas recipe.

Why I highlighted diabetic recipes in KITCHEN 101

My grandmother had diabetes and I remember watching her measure out her boring food.  That image stuck with me. I started writing cookbooks and I always included the diabetic exchanges.  In KITCHEN 101, I decided to indicate diabetic recipes with a “D” throughout the book.  I wanted people living with diabetes to understand you can still enjoy your favorite food  without making too many changes in food selection.  It’s the first mainstream cookbook that indicates diabetic recipes!! You’ll love my diabetic enchilada recipe!

My Easy Healthy Enchiladas Recipe &  favorite southwestern dishes fit into a diabetic diet

The proof is in the recipes.  You will LOVE the simplicity and flavor of these Easy Beef Enchiladas.  They have only 2 Weight waters Pointsplus.  My goal is to infiltrate diabetic-friendly recipes throughout a mainstream cookbook. I prove everyone can enjoy the same food just like my diabetic enchilada recipe.

  • 64% of adults in the United States either are overweight or obese.
  • Projected 44 million to have diabetes in next 20 years.
  • Americans eat out 4 times a week.

Diabetic Enchiladas a favorite southwestern dish in the book!

I created my books to guide families to embrace healthy cooking.  These recipes are for people with or without medical issues. I indicated diabetic-friendly recipes with a “D” in KITCHEN 101.  I hope to make a difference in your life. Try sampling my easy healthy recipes from KITCHEN 101 on my healthy food blog. Make this recipe gluten-free with corn tortillas.  Have fun in the kitchen cooking healthy and remember there isn’t a magical diabetes diet.  It is the healthiest way to eat!  The best easy mainstream diabetic cookbook might be KITCHEN 101 



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