Eating Well Through Cancer Cookbook: Best Cancer Patient Cookbook

Eating Well Through Cancer living with cancer cookbook

Eating Well Through Cancer Cookbook:  New Updated Edition Helps Living With Cancer

What to eat living with cancer? You need nourishment but there are foods that are better tolerated than others and cancer treatment recipes. I am so excited that my new edition of  my cancer patient cookbookEating Well Through Cancer: Easy Recipes and Tips To Guide You Through Treatment and Cancer Prevention is now updated and expanded in 15 Year Anniversary Edition.

Cancer Treatment Recipes In Eating Well Through Cancer Cookbook

Eating Well Through Cancer

A groundbreaking cookbook for cancer patients and caregiver healthy recipes for cancer survivors. This award winning cookbook focuses on a healthy easy recipes and tips for people living with cancer. It is a challenging time and what you eat can make a difference. These cancer treatment recipes are important to maintain better health.

This best selling cancer patient cookbook also includes recipes for cancer patients with diabetes to target those needs. Chemotherapy, radiation or surgery can affect the patient’s appetite and the chapters include best tolerated nourishing foods to ease common side effects such as nausea, sore mouth and throat, taste changes, neutropenia and weight loss.

How Exciting:  My Appearance on The 700 Club With My Cancer Cookbook! 

My The 700 Club appearance was so special.  Not only did I get to meet Pat Robertson but I had the chance to share my message about my cookbook for cancer patients and also show healthy recipes for cancer survivors.

Cancer Patient Cookbook Helps Through Treatment and Prevention Healthy Easy Recipes 

With an emphasis on everyday healthy eating, this book also provides an invaluable recipe resource for people living with cancer and also cancer prevention. The cookbook includes an easier-to-read format, simple nutritious recipes, beautiful photographs, tips and information.  This updated Eating Well Through Cancer cookbook will guide a patient through their treatment and also these everyday recipes help you eat healthier and with cancer prevention. Most importantly, all the recipes will feed the entire family.  No separate meals for cancer patients and the family.  However, what you eat does make a difference.  I loved it when Tom Brady’s oatmeal pancakes made the headlines.  My Oatmeal Pancakes are an example of healthy recipes for cancer survivors as well as patients. I think they are better than his and definitely easier.

Best-Selling Cancer Cookbook Wins Book Awards

The new updated cookbook for cancer patients and healthy recipes for survivors won two different awards.  For both national book awards, there were 1000’s of book entries so we were so excited to receive the Silver Award!. 

Nautilus 2016 Award Silver Winner: Food, Cooking & Healthy Eating

IBPA’s 29th Annual 2017 Benjamin Franklin Book Silver Award Winner: Health & Fitness
IBPA’s 29th Annual 2017 Benjamin Franklin Book Silver Award Winner: Cookbooks

Who Has Time To Cook?  Cancer Patient Cookbook with Easy Recipes for Cancer Patients

When you’re not feeling well or busy, no one wants to spend lots of time cooking.  Eating Well Through Cancer is a cancer patient cookbook and includes healthy easy recipes with minimal preparation.  In fact, most cancer treatment recipes in the cancer cookbook are about 10 ingredients.

Cancer Treatment Recipes The Family Will Enjoy

Satisfying and comforting, my creamy Easy Potato Soup  is perfect for a sore mouth or when you want a light meal.  Savory Bread Pudding is good recipe before or after chemo as sometimes light breakfast style recipes are better tolerated.  I prepared both recipes for my dad while going through treatment as they were soft and easy to eat.  There are comfort food recipes like Simple Baked Chicken. I had requests for more smoothies so there’s a Smoothie and Snack Chapter helps the patient eat nutrient-rich food during this challenging time. You’ll love my healthy and easy Green Smoothie recipe. What you eat can help you better tolerate the side effects of treatment and help you stay healthier. Nourishment is important.savory bread pudding recipe

Highlights of Eating Well Through Cancer!  What Makes This Book So Different?

Eating Well Through Cancer

  • Quick Nourishing Recipes to Ease Side Effects
  • Cancer Prevention Recipes
  • Cancer Patient Cookbook
  • Caregiver Support, Menus, Tips and Nutritional Nuggets
  •  Highlights Diabetic-Friendly, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian & Freezer-Friendly     
  •  Over 175 Easy Recipes with Color Photographs
  •  Nutritional and Diabetic Information with each recipe
  •  ick Nourishing Recipes to Ease Side Effeliving with cancer for chicken feta recipe from cancer patient cookbook with cancer treatment recipes

Cancer Treatment Recipes For People Living With Cancer: Why We Wrote Eating Well Through Cancer

A cookbook for cancer patients designed to help better tolerate treatment and also healthy recipes for cancer survivors.  The cookbook includes easy thirty minute recipes and recipes fit into different side effects.  However, the Lemon Feta Chicken I prepared on The 700 Club could make a quick chicken dinner.  Or, sometimes when you have that metallic taste in your mouth the lemon flavor helps.  Or, it can be a light meal to give you nourishment.  Most importantly, whatever reason you are having this simple chicken recipe for dinner it will feed everyone! I selected recipes with good taste, easy to prepare and with ingredients you have in your pantry. Still, today, this cookbook is one of the only books written for people going through treatment.cancer patient cookbook with snack for cancer patients living with cancer easy Bisquick banana bread recipe

My Dad Was Diagnosed with Cancer So A Cancer Cookbook Became Very Personal To Me

Diagnosed with cancer, my father faced a long journey ahead and because of him, I better understood the importance of food and appetite during treatment. I tested many recipes on him and the Sore Mouth Chapter was what he needed most during treatment. Living with cancer is challenging. Noted oncologist Gerald Miletello, MD felt the need for this cookbook for years because his patients asked him frequently, “What should I eat?” Therefore, we created this cancer patient cookbook with and it includes recipes in a Day of Chemo Chapter like my Easy Banana Bread.

Eating Well Through Cancer Cookbook Recipes for Cancer Patients Highlight Diabetes and Dietary Needs

I felt it was important to include nutritional analysis and diabetic exchanges with the cancer treatment recipes.  Also, there is other dietary information. In the cancer cookbook, there is a “D”to highlight easy diabetic recipes throughout the book. It is important to include recipes for cancer patients with diabetes.  I also highlight  gluten-free recipes. There is no magical diabetes diet, however, a diabetic diet guides you with the healthiest way to eat!  Eating Well Through Cancer Cookbook highlights vegetarian recipes and freezer-friendly recipes with symbols. The Terrific Tips provide great reference information and the Nutritional Nuggets and Doc’s Note prove to be another valuable resource. I want the patient to stay nourished so eating is very important during cancer treatment with these cancer treatment recipes.

My Cookbooks Highlight Easy Diabetic Recipes with a “D” 

MY KITCHEN 101: Easy Recipes Eating Well to Fight Arthritis 
Eating Well Through Cancer

“Nutrition is important in prevention and sustaining a healthy lifestyle,” says Clegg. Featured in Cure Magazine, Coping with Cancer Magazine, Los Angeles Times Syndicate and newspapers nationwide.

My Healthy Cookbooks Simplify Eating Healthy!  You Probably Have The Ingredients In Your Pantry

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