CBN 700 Club Appearance -Healthy Easy Recipes for Cancer with Pat Robertson

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Appeared on CBN 700 Club on November 10th!

Did you miss my appearance on CBN 700 Club?  I whipped up some delicious healthy easy recipes from my Eating Well Through Cancer cookbook on The 700 CLub.. I appeared on November 10th.  However, I wanted to include the link to the segment on my healthy food blog so here you go if you missed the segment, here’s the LINK TO THE SHOW My segment is around 20 minutes into the show and it is very informative on what to eat when going through cancer treatment!

What to Eat During Cancer Treatment Topic on The 700 Club, CBN

Eating Well Through CancerEating Well Through Cancer
Throughout treatment, a person needs to eat for nourishment and strength. Often patients ask, “What can I eat?” and this cookbook, Eating Well Through Cancer, was written to answer this question. It is important to eat the best tolerated food and eat what will help ease symptoms, as well as to eat according to the symptom with healthy easy recipes.

This book also makes a good gift for cancer patients. Having cancer is a helpless feeling, but food is something you can control. Caregivers also enjoy using the book for their loved ones. Best of all, the healthy easy recipes can be enjoyed after treatment too.

Check out these Delicious Healthy Easy Recipes I Prepared On CBN 700 Club:

Day of Chemo Chapter: Bread Pudding Florentine from Eating Well Through Cancer: Breakfast tends to be well-tolerated at all hours of the day, which is especially important during this difficult time of chemotherapy cancer treatment.

Caregiver Chapter: Lemon Feta Chicken from Eating Well Through Cancer: : This chapter helps to support the often overlooked caregiver, as well.

Nausea Chapter: Gingerbread Muffins from Eating Well Through Cancer:: When not feeling well, certain foods like ginger can help soothe a nauseous stomach.

Sore Mouth Chapter: Easy Potato Soup from Eating Well Through Cancer: One of my father’s and family’s favorites when he was going through treatment for larynx cancer.

Healthy Eating -Cancer Prevention Chapter: Glazed Salmon from Eating Well Through Cancer: Eating well after cancer treatment and for cancer prevention starts with a foundation of healthy recipes.

The 700 Club gingerbread muffins

Eating Well Through Cancer Everyday Cookbook with Healthy Easy Recipes for Cancer Prevention

Best of all, you will use this cookbook during treatment but it will be your go-to cookbook for recipes for a healthy lifestyle. The #1 comment I get nationwide is, “I already have the ingredients at home so that’s why I LOVE your cookbook!” I am so excited to share some of my favorite recipes on CBN 700 Club to help people eat nourishing, delicious food!  There’s chapters devoted to Caregivers and Healthy Eating!

Check out my blog for more recipes when going through cancer treatment.

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