Baton Rouge Epicurean Society Award Dinner From a NYC Guest’s Perspective

Baton Rouge Epicurean Society Dinner

Baton Rouge -A Visit to Remember and Low End Larry Flip Flops

A week ago, I was in Baton Rouge to attend the awarding of the 10th Annual Grace ‘Mama’ Marino Lifetime Achievement Award. This year’s honoree was none other than Holly Clegg!

I was thrilled to be invited. Who doesn’t dream of going to Baton Rouge, in August, just as the floodwaters are starting to recede? And, while Low End Larry loves nothing more than sharing in Holly’s triumph, there was the dinner to contemplate. Seven courses, prepared by seven of Baton Rouge’s top chefs. Sounds tasty, but would there be enough food?

Turns out there was food and wine aplenty! Does reading a partial menu make your mouth water? Feast on these delicacies:

  1. Sweet potato biscuit with smoked quail confit and fig preserves
  2. Red snapper ceviche
  3. Baby arugula and radicchio salad
  4. Baked steelhead trout
  5. Seared redeye cap roulade
  6. Star crunch ball

And, more. Then, more. And, a different wine with each course.  The food was filling and delicious. Why didn’t I expect this?

The attendees were warm and welcoming to me, to Holly, to Holly’s father attending via Skype, and most importantly, they opened their hearts to those suffering in the Baton Rouge area.  A lot of money was raised at the dinner, presumably because of the empathy the guests found in their hearts, though seven glasses of wine is likely to raise one’s empathy quotient, too.

Breakfast is the best in Baton Rouge

I had been looking forward to the next day’s breakfast at a local restaurant. The menu promised chili, grits, omelets, club sandwiches, bacon, ham- the options seemed all good and endless. Who wouldn’t be excited?

Though my stomach was full, I was eager to get to the restaurant until I discovered that pretty much all of these items were a part of every menu choice. I like biscuits and I like grits. I like club sandwiches but all at once and at 8:00 a.m.?

The price was more than reasonable. I’m from NYC. I’ve had drinks that cost double these dishes. My problem was the unwritten laws.  Always finish everything on your plate. Your spouse’s leftovers are legally yours. The leftovers on one’s extended family’s plates, are, admittedly in a gray area, but they are a possibility.

The biggest gray area was my face as it was “Too much”! Way too much! Those laws need to be rethought. They are not up to the challenges posed by a Baton Rouge breakfast!

I have now flip-flopped. The Farmhand’s Breakfast, paella, smorgasbord, pig roasts- these are ideas of theBaton Rouge Holly Clegg wins award past.  Tapas, finger food, hor d’oeuvres- these are where my heart lies today.

Congratulations to Holly and kudos to the Baton Rouge Epicurean Society for their fine choice of Holly as an award recipient and for their generosity to their community.

From Holly:

I was so touched that Howard (Low End Larry) and his lovely wife came to the event. My suggestion to him now he goes back to cooking from my trim&TERRIFIC cookbooks.  And, here’s a rare glimpse of these two special people on my most memorable night!


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