Xerostomia Treatment and Foods For Dry Mouth for Cancer Patients

Xerostomia Treatment and Foods For Dry Mouth

Xerostomia Treatment or Medication Induced Dry Mouth-How To Help Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth, or xerostomia as it is technically called, is a common occurrence for the oncology patient.  It could be a result of radiation to the throat or medications that are commonly prescribed, either way xerostomia treatment or dry mouth treatment is important because dry mouth can be a very uncomfortable and hindering side effect of having cancer.  Are there foods for dry mouth or how do you treat dry mouth? Anything affecting your mouth or digestive system can have a tremendous effect on your nutritional status, which is a crucial part of your cancer treatment.

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Savor Health Shares Tips To Help Dry Mouth

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Commonly dry mouth can be caused or exacerbated by dehydration.  If your body is “dry,” your mouth will be too! As a rule, keep water by your side at all times – next to your chair, in your car, and by your bed, wherever you are.  This will be a constant reminder to increase your hydrating fluids.  Another xerostomia treatment or dry mouth treatment tip – fill up a pitcher of water daily and make sure it is gone by the time you go to bed.  This way you know you are doing your part to prevent dry mouth. Drinks that contain caffeine or alcohol have a negative effect on hydration and in turn, can dry your mouth out more. So stick with hydrating fluids, such as water and 100% juice. 

Foods For Dry Mouth Treatment

Food can hydrate too!

Popsicles, fruit (like watermelon, strawberries and oranges), yogurt, and soups can provide fluids and promote adequate hydration.  Avocado Cucumber Soup from Eating Well Through Cancer cookbook will be soothing on your dry mouth for a naturally nutritious xerostomia treatment. Some vegetables also provide a good source of fluids, such as cucumbers, carrots, and peppers.

Pucker Up

Tart foods and candies are essential for dry mouth.  The tartness activates the salivary glands and in turn, moistens the mouth.  Lemon drops, lemonade, or just adding citrus to your water can make the difference between eating comfortably and not eating.  If you have mouth sores, however, you may want to avoid tart foods, which could cause significant pain. 

simple baked chicken to treat dry mouth for easy recipes for cancer patients Xerostomia Treatment

Make Food Soft to Eat For Best Foods for Dry Mouth

Moisten Your Foods For Dry Mouth

Choosing soft and wet foods can help dry mouth. Add sauces and gravies onto dry foods, such as meat and breads and choose moist entrees, such as casseroles or egg-based dishes. The comforting gravy on this Simple Baked Chicken makes it so tender and easy to eat! Adding cheese, butter, or olive oil can also provide extra calories and much needed moisture.

Watch The Salt

Salty foods can pull the water out of your mouth, making your dry mouth worse. Snacks like pretzels, chips, and crackers will work against you, plus they do not add much nutritional value. Snacking on Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, or avocado toast will help dry mouth as well as provide you with more protein and heart healthy nutrition. 

Blend It Up
Smoothies are a great way to get calories when you have treatment induced dry mouth. Adding a protein powder and/or Greek yogurt will boost your protein intake while frozen fruit can help quench your dry mouth treatment.  Add a squeeze of lemon or lime to provide extra relief for the dry mouth. For a boost of thirst quenching nutrition try my easy and tasty Green Smoothie.

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Xerostomia treatment or help dry mouth with foods for dry mouth treatment

Always Check with your Medical Professional Before Changing Your Diet To Help Dry Mouth

Talk To Your Dentist or Doctor

If the dry mouth starts to hinder your intake and negatively affecting your nutritional status, it would be beneficial to talk to your doctor or dentist about artificial saliva.  While you can find artificial saliva on the shelf at your local pharmacy, prescription based medications tend to provide better results.

Savor Health Offer Nutrition Counseling To Help Dry Mouth and Treat Dry Mouth

For more information, you can visit Savor Health and check out their blog with many more articles that discuss dry mouth and other cancer related topics. Read more special Savor Healthy blog posts with cancer nutrition.

Visit my blog for more recipes for cancer patients from my Eating Well Through Cancer cookbook to help you through your specific cancer treatment. Here’s more easy recipe for cancer patients.

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