Whole Wheat Pasta Recipes – Is Pasta Good For You?

One Step Mac and Cheese Whole Wheat Pasta Recipes

Should You Avoid Whole Wheat Pasta Recipes

No, not my whole wheat pasta recipes! Carbohydrates, especially pasta, have gotten a bad rep in recent years, but should you eliminate it from your diet? By cutting out complex carbohydrates like pasta you could be missing out on important vitamins, minerals and especially fiber. Carbohydrate is the body’s main source of fuel, used by the body as energy. Choosing complex carbohydrates, such as nutritious whole grains, provide the body with fiber and nutrients helping maintain healthy weight and optimize energy.

Make Them WHOLE Wheat

To get the most nutrition out of your pasta, choose whole wheat pasta; which contains the whole kernal including the bran, germ and endosperm. However, not all brown pasta is created equal – you MUST read the Nutrition Facts label to be sure ‘Whole Wheat’ is listed first in the ingredient list.

Diabetes and Whole Grains

Though it is a common myth to think people with diabetes must avoid pasta, it is simply not true. Whole wheat pasta recipes in moderation and portion control contain vital cell-building nutrients and fiber that helps stabilize blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Whole grain pasta is rich in insoluble fiber that passes through the digestive system absorbing water. Like a laxative, insoluble fiber helps prevent constipation and speed up food movement through the digestive system. The health benefits of consuming the recommended amount of fiber are numerous, including weight control, heart health, reducing cholesterol, and even decreasing the risk of some cancers.

Try These Whole Wheat Pasta Recipes Tonight


Whole Wheat Pasta Recipes Quick Chicken Pasta Recipes

Tuscan Chicken Pasta from Too Hot in the Kitchen: Secrets to Sizzle at any Age.
Who says two people can’t have a power-packed flavorful easy dinner? This is one of those quick chicken pasta recipes you can double to feed more people!  Toss with whole wheat pasta of your choice!


Best Crawfish Fettuccine recipe Whole Wheat Pasta Recipes

Best Crawfish Fettuccine recipe from Gulf Coast Favorites Cookbook
This is my southern standby when we have a group coming over or I need to freeze a dish for someone. The crawfish fettuccine in this wonderful cheesy white sauce is a very requested recipe.


One Step Mac and Cheese Whole Wheat Pasta Recipes

One Step Mac and Cheese in Holly Clegg’s trim&TERRIFIC® Gulf Coast Favorites

Use no boil pasta for this all-in-one recipe for a quick and simple favorite.  I like a little sugar, but you can leave out the sugar, if desired.

Our Whole Wheat Secret

Even though my recipes don’t always call for it, I often leave nutrition nuggets throughout my cookbooks/recipes to encourage you to choose whole grain ingredients. It’s an easy switch, and I promise you won’t even notice the difference – and if you don’t tell your family, then they won’t either – shhh your secret is safe with me!

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