The Bachelor TV Show -Mystery EX & Viewing Party Desserts

the bachelor tv show Jo Jo

Do you watch The Bachelor TV Show?

I know so many people who have a Monday Night The Bachelor TV Show party! Well, tonight is a big night and I have some fun after dinner desserts plus some scoop! Most of the time I just talk about the food to make but this bachelor TV show series, I have had a vested interest. Should we start with  some simple desserts for tonight or my connection to the show?

The Bachelor TV Show Mystery Ex

One of my dearest friends and my hair stylist for so many years has been Chad Rookstool at Chad Rookstool Salon. Hthe bachelor tv show chad rookstool jo jo fletchere gives a great cut, style and highlight (and color) and is such a nice person. I have had my hair cut on trips to Dallas whenever I can.
As you know I have a daughter in Dallas, and she got me hooked to Chad. How good is Chad? Well, my other daughter flew in from San Francisco and on top of her list was to get Chad to cut her hair and highlight or balayage  at Chad’s salon  Anyone who has had Chad cut his hair, thanks me for the referral (warning: but it can be hard to get an appointment)!

Chad’s Recommendations for Hair Products I LOVE

Also,I  might as well tell you about my new favorite hair products:  Everyone told me I had to get the ORIBE Hair Care Dry Texturing Spray and I really like it.  So, when I was at Chad’s last week, he also recommended the ORIBE Shampoo for Beautiful Color and the ORIBE Conditioner for Beautiful Color.  Love these new hair products!!!

The Mystery Ex is my friendthe bachelor tV show jo jo and chad

So, needless to say all these years we chat about everything and of course, I was surprised when Jo Jo appeared on The Bachelor Show ABC. Well, if you have been keeping up with the show, you saw Jo Jo’s ex, Chad referred to on the show! Well, this is my Chad who is the best person besides hair stylist –which has made me have a personal interest in the season to see how this show turns out.  When Jo Jo was reading the letter, it was very sincere!  So, it will be interesting to see if Jo Jo wins or there is talk about Jo Jo being the next bachelorette!   Either way, my Chad will be a winner I am sure!  Here’s a photo of Chad and Jo Jo I found on the Internet taken WAY BEFORE the season began but they did make a cute couple.

the bachelor tv show abc chad rookstool

Watch The Bachelor TV Show Tonight with Viewing Party Desserts

Now, I hope I have your attention still!  Here’s two so simple desserts you can whip to watch The Bachelor TV Show.  Since the show starts after dinner, dessert is the way to go!

the bachelor tv show browniesB

Ooey Gooey Squares:  Pick ups like brownies are an easy treat but you probably have the ingredients for my most popular recipe.  Haley in above picture makes these all the time as her go to recipe!


bachelor tv show chocolate peanut butter trifle

Chocolate Peanut Butter Trifle:  Don’t have time to make dessert?  You’ll love this simple trifle-pick up angel food cake, chocolate pudding and a few ingredients and you have instant decadence!

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