Summer Recipes

Tomato Bruschetta summer recipes

Summer recipes for healthy easy family meals

Summer recipes are the best to whip up my healthy easy recipes because they use fresh ingredients. With readily affordable ingredients, it’s easy to find  to whip up quick summer recipes. I have devoted my healthy food blog to simple recipes and most have probably less than 10 ingredients.  Since, most of these easy healthy recipes area only about 30 minutes in the kitchen, summer meals are simple.  How to make your best summer recipes healthy?  Also, I am here for eating healthy and this time of year is one of the easiest times to enjoy healthy cooking.

BBQ Summer Recipes and Grilling Recipes

Everyone has their favorite BBQ marinade and technique.  I love to focus on easy BBQ sides. You’ll love my scrumptious Southwestern Sweet Potato Salad from my Arthritis Cookbook that was the most popular recipe on my 700 Club appearance.  The best of simple anti inflammatory recipes! My the best ever recipe for Tomato Bruschetta is wonderful with fresh tomatoes.  I have lots of healthy easy recipes to simplify summer cooking. If you looking for some great tips and BBQ sides recipes, you’ll want to check out my Top Six Healthy BBQ Tips

summer recipes

Easy Summer Desserts Start with Berries

Ok, I have a fabulous chocolate cake recipe but I really think I have some of the best simple berry recipes highlighting strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.  This time of year you should include luscious berries in salads, yogurt or for a snack.

No Time To Cook? Try My Easy Healthy Summer Recipes in My Cookbooks


Watermelon tops Everyone’s Favorite List

It’s hot this time of year making refreshing watermelon is probably everyone’s favorite food!  I have my Six Top Tips to Pick a Watermelon.  I have easy watermelon recipes that will quickly become this season’s favorites!  It seems I always have leftover watermelon so you’ll love my Watermelon Feta Salsa or my juicy Watermelon Tomato Salad.  Both these recipes can be made in minutes.  These watermelon recipes are so good!!  You won’t wait to see if you have leftover watermelon!  For ease, purchase watermelon already cut in the grocery.  My Trim and Terrific Cookbooks have all my easy healthy recipes for good food!  See you in the kitchen!