soups chicken and sausage gumbo recipe

Scoop on Soups

Of course, all my soups are easy, healthy recipes.  You’ll find many featured on my healthy food blog.Most soups and chilies can be made ahead of time and the flavor improves the longer it sits.  This gives you the opportunity to be organized, plan ahead, and prepare the soup when it is convenient for you.  They also freeze well.  I usually double the recipe to have extra for the freezer, another meal already prepared and waiting.  Remember to leave extra room in the container as the mixture will expand when frozen.  My Most Popular Soup Recipe is Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

How To Freeze Soups

I freeze my chilies in zip lock bags.  Then, I stack them in the freezer.  Be sure to label the bag with the recipe name and the date frozen.  When reheating, just add a little more liquid if the mixture is too thick.  Sometimes, my family thinks gumbos and chilies are better pulled out of the freezer than when I made them initially.

Soups Great for the Busy Person

Soups, stews, or chili is also an ideal recipe for the busy person.  When serving a hearty soup, all you need is toasted bread and a salad.  Then, your meal is complete.  Because of the multitude of assorted ingredients and veggies, many recipes will non only satisfy your taste buds but even your nutritional requirements.  For those that don’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a delicious one-pot soup simplifies cooking as all ingredients are thrown into one pot.  (less dishes to wash). I have so many soup recipes that will quickly become your favorites.

Here’s More of My Favorite Soups, Stews and Chili’s!