Snack Recipes

Easy Snack Recipes for Healthy Snacks

Easy snack recipes sometimes are the best and all my cookbooks include healthy easy recipes for snacks! What’s better when you have the munchies than to grab a healthy snack.  Yes, you can pick up an assortment of snacks at the grocery but you can also easily whip up my snack recipes.  I have so many for you to choose from on my healthy food blog!easy snack recipes for healthy snack mix with pretzels

Easy Snack Recipes Include Smoothies and Quick Breads

easy snack recipes for cancer patients easy Bisquick banana bread recipe

Quick breads make great snacks.  My Bisquick quick breads like Banana Bread are always popular but my personal favorite is my Lemon Blueberry Bread.  You can find blueberries year round to whip up this luscious moist bread to have for a morning or afternoon snack. Everyone loves a good green smoothie recipe on the go.

Easy Snack Recipes On The Go

If you need a grab and go snack, you can make my Granola Bars to keep on hand.  However, I think everyone’s favorite snack is my Snack Mix.  This snack mix recipe makes the perfect after school snack or good when you’re not feeling well and need a pick-me-up during the day.  You can use seasonal M&M’s and make this simple snack recipe with chex the perfect holiday grab and go snack

Don’t Forget About Dips

Who doesn’t like a fruit dip to take advantage of dipping into fruit. From young ages to adults, we always like to dip!  I think a Spinach Dip is such a classic to get in the refrigerator to take advantage of veggies. Forget the chips and just use veggies like carrots, cucumber rounds, bell pepper squares or whatever fresh vegetables you have in the fridge.

My Amazing Healthy Quick Snack Recipes