Appetizers Are Easy To Prepare that are Healthy Easy Recipes

Appetizers are a great way to entertain!  I use apps all the time whether I am having a few people over or a party.  I have tested each of my healthy appetizer recipes to insure you can make these yummy recipes on the first time with a big success.
appetizers Mediterranean Layered Dip

Mediterranean Layered Dip

Dips, Spreads and Pick Ups

In all my trim & terrific cookbooks, I have an assortment of easy dips, spreads and pick ups. From my Popular Mediterranean Layered Spread to my Glazed Pecan Brie, you will see my recipes will “WOW” your friends!  Best of all, most are make ahead appetizers and healthy easy recipes!  Your time won’t be spent only in the kitchen! I believe in using everyday ingredients in cooking. I know everyone is busy.

Pina Colada Brie is such a winning recipe

My Glazed Pecan Brie and my Pina Colada Brie are two of my go-to favorites. I look forward to you trying all my different easy appetizers. My recipes are absolutely delicious, few ingredients and time-efficient.  My goal is for you to start cooking healthy and enjoy cooking!


More Of My Favorite Appetizers Recipes