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Simple Salads

Salads are a staple on everyone’s menu.  Whether you’re using it for an entree or a side, salads seem to pop up in most meals. My creative spin with everyday ingredients will never leave you bored with my healthy easy recipes.  From lettuce, kale, couscous or pasta, you’ll get such a variety of recipes.

Great Way to Include Healthy Fresh Ingredients

I always say to eat healthy, you need to eat with color.  One thing about salads is there usually is lots of color.  Speaking of color, did you know the greener the lettuce, the more nutritious?  So, forget the iceberg or just toss in some vibrant lettuce, spinach or kale.  Best of all you can buy any of these greens in the grocery already chopped.

Salads Southwestern Sweet Potato Salad

When I decided to have one salad to show you, I knew exactly which recipe I wanted to share.  Don’t save this recipe just for summer as this Southwestern Sweet Potato Salad from my arthritis cookbook is one of my favorites.  There’s NO MAYO!!!  This recipe has such an abundance of flavor you must give it a try.

Here’s some of my favorite salad recipes