Mardi Gras Party Food: Holly Celebrates Mardi Gras on Fox & Friends

Mardi Gras parties

I Celebrate Mardi Gras on Fox & Friends with My Mardi Gras Party Food

Mardi Gras party food makes a Mardi Gras party special and I had the best time celebrating Mardi Gras on Fox & Friends TV.  There’s lots of fun times with friends and family and of course, all the parades. I was fortunate to share my great Mardi Gras recipes on Fox & Friends highlighting Louisiana recipes. In fact, Fox & Friends featured these Mardi Gras delicious recipes on their site.  After my appearance, they LOVED our Louisiana Mardi Gras party food, but who doesn’t? Best of all, I created healthy easy reMardi Gras Party foodcipes for your Mardi Gras food!


My Easy King Cake Recipes with Crescent Rolls Tops List of Mardi Gras Party Food

My crescent roll king cake recipes top google’s Mardi Gras seach and Mardi Gras Party !  Why? How? Well, they are both so simple king cake recipes to make.  My King Cake with Cream Cheese filling is said to be better than the ones you buy at the bakery.  Now, I created the ultimate savory king cake!  Crawfish King Cake with a Crawfish cream cheese filling. I guess you can enjoy a king cake meal and both easy king cake recipes are healthier too!  I say Mardi Gras Party food can be healthy and easy!

Mardi Gras Party Food

Mardi Gras Party Food Menu Recipe

Entertain Mardi Gras Friends with Healthy Fun Mardi Gras Food from Louisiana

I have entertained at my home for debutante balls for my kids and when my husband was king.  All lots of fun!! When my kids went to college out of Baton Rouge, they always brought home friends to stay at my house.  My kids LOVE Louisiana crawfish and Haley requests Crawfish Fettuccine.  This recipe freezes well and I make it ahead of time and freeze to feed a large group of kids! What could be better?   This is a festive time of year but of course my focus is usually on the Mardi Gras party food.

Mardi Gras Party with Louisiana Crawfish season Crawfish Fettuccine

                                      Mardi Gras Party food Menu with easy Mardi Gras recipes                           Mardi Gras party celebration at Baton Rouge ball

Carnival Party with Friends and Family

Mardi Gras party with my friends with Mardi Gras Party Food

Going Down Mardi Gras Party Memories!

-I had a TRIM & TERRIFIC Party as my husband was king of Krewe de Louisiane in 2004 and made some of my favorite Louisiana recipes

– I appeared on Fox & Friends in February 2004 with a Mardi Gras Party.  Of course, I brought beads with me and lots of good Louisiana recipes.

– I am the ball captain for the Krewe de Louisiane (2009) and my dear friend Gracie is the queen. The cocktail party at my house had lots of good food and we had fun!!!! I made mini White Chocolate Cheesecakes and Mardi Gras Punch.  Yes, I spiked the punch.

Mardi Gras King Cake

My king cake might be my most popular recipe made with crescent rolls and once you make my easy version, you will know why.  And, I am addicted to my king cake with crescent rolls in my Gulf Coast Cookbook!

Celebrate Wherever You Live

With my easy Louisiana party recipes, you can have your own celebration wherever you live from king cake to gumbo.  You can even order beads to be sent to your home.  Just have fun!

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