Kid Recipes

Kid Bunny Biscuits made with biscuits Kids Love to Make Bunny Biscuits

A kid loves to be involved in the kitchen and you will be surprised how much quicker they will try recipes.  I have a wonderful selection of children’s recipes that taste good.  These are all healthy easy recipes.  Make snacks creative and fun, yet nutrient packed, instead of empty calories.  These Bunny Biscuits I created for Easter but we make them year round.  Use whatever ingredients you have on hand.

My Cookbooks All Include Easy Kid-Friendly Recipes


A Kid Loves Pizza, Dips and Sandwiches

Use biscuits, pitas, or whole grain English muffins.  Let kids make faces for their own pizza. Cover with tomato sauce. Let them create: mozzarella hair, carrot eyes, green pepper slices   Put out olives and other options.

Kids love to dip:
Fruit dip could be white-let them choose the color of their dip by adding different food coloring. Dip with bananas on toothpick. Spinach Dip-you can even add some lean ground meat. Again, dip with pita triangles or crackers.

Create a sailing boat: Use a whole wheat muffin, topped with ruffled lettuce and top with tuna and make sail with Doritos.
Let the kids make a wrap with lean protein.  Then they get to select what goes in the wrap from an assortment of different colored cut up foods. The catch is they have to at least choose two colors to include—decisions, decisions.

Kids Cooking or Cooking that Kids Will Eat

Another fun idea for children to learn to cook while also eating with nutrition is using a rainbow of recipes. An association can be made between color and nutrition, as the different colors are evidence to a variety of important vitamins and minerals. Kids will love to make Watermelon Slush for the color red, Cheesy Broccoli Soup for green, Banana Split Dessert for yellow, Blueberry Bread for blue, and Sweet Potato Fries for orange. It is important for children to learn to eat with nutrition.  The more vibrant the color the healthier the food. You and your kids are sure to enjoy these recipes that are fun to make and healthy too!

Here’s More Kid Recipes: