Ingredients for Diabetic Cooking Shopping at Costco for Diabetic Recipes

ingredients for diabetic cooking

Costco Perfect to Stock your Pantry with Ingredients for Diabetic Cooking

Recently I had the opportunity to shop at Costco to find some ingredients for diabetic cooking options. As author of the trim & terrific cookbooks, I believe in mainstream healthy cooking with everyday ingredients.  My dietitian sings Costco’s praises and I decided to check it out! I think there is a common misconception that shopping at big box stores means you have to feed a lot of people. Many shopping options are in bulk and I love shopping this way.  However, I mostly cook for my husband and me.  I still am always testing recipes and taping media so Costco gives me the perfect opportunity to stock my pantry.

Affordable Ingredients for Diabetic Cooking in Easy Recipes from KITCHEN 101 

I know the importance of diabetic cooking and truly it is the healthiest way to eat.  I also understand we are all busy! You’ll love the easiest of all my recipes in my  KITCHEN 101 cookbook where I include a “D” by recipes to indicate they are diabetic-friendly.  This proves you enjoy all your favorites and still eat healthier.  So, the secret is a well-stocked pantry, affordable products, and practical easy, delicious recipes!  That’s why you are reading this, right?

Costco Healthy ingredient Prego Heart Smart Marinara SauceCostco's Kirkland Minced Garlic

Secret to Easy Healthy Cooking

The secret to quick and delicious yet healthy cooking is keeping a well-stocked pantry.  Its like having a permanent shopping list and allows me to pull an ingredient out of the pantry.  I can whip up a go-to nutritious meal in minutes without having to stress about what’s for dinner. Keep all of your basics on your shelves.  Such as low sodium broths, canned tomatoes, whole wheat pastas, frozen and canned veggies.  Which, I was delighted to find all of these options at Costco!

Time Saver Foods for Ingredients for Diabetic Cooking

I love to keep a few jars of marinara sauce in my pantry and the Prego Heart Smart option available at Costco.  It is low in fat and saturated fat, with less sodium and sugar than regular options making it a great pantry staple for diabetics. This is perfect for a quick marinara sauce to use for lasagna like my Quick Chicken Lasagna. It kicks up the flavor without added fat or sodium.  Another cooking time saver is to always keep a large jar of  Kirkland minced garlic in my fridge. You will be surprised how fast you can go through a jar and I love garlic in just about everything! Sure, you can buy garlic cloves and mince them yourself but this really saves you a step. That, in turn, keeps your cooking time to a minimum!

Take a Short-cut with Costco’s Rotisserie Chicken

Chicken Fajita Pizzass

Costco kirkland chicken







One of my very favorite finds is Costco’s rotisserie chicken. Remove the skin to cut down on the artery clogging saturated fat and rotisserie chicken becomes a great way to get healthy, lean protein.  A super time-saver and half the work is already done for you. Just throw in a salad, sandwich or casserole and voila’ – an easy, hearty meal. I am such a fan of Rotisserie chicken that my KITCHEN 101 cookbook has a chapter called Rapid Rotisserie Chicken Recipes.  My Chicken Fajita Pizza, simple and diabetic-friendly, uses rotisserie chicken. Wow, it gets rave reviews and is super easy to whip up when you keep these staple ingredients on hand!

  Costco Chicken and Sausage Gumbo Louisiana diabetic

Take A Short Cut Using Rotesserie Chicken

Remember, try taking a short-cut for recipes that call for chicken which I love to do!  My most popular ever, Chicken and SausageCostco Gulf Coast Louisiana recipes Gumbo from my cookbook Gulf Coast Favorites becomes a simple recipe with a dry roux and Costco’s rotisserie chicken.  I’ve made this fabulous Louisiana favorite diabetic-friendly and so delicious too! If you’re a fan of southern cooking, you’ll enjoy my Gulf Coast Favorites Cookbook and this book includes southern and healthy, easy Louisiana recipe.

Organic Quinoa Ancient Blend

If you aren’t familiar with quinoa, then definitely give it a try. Although usually considered a whole grain, quinoa is actually a seed and considered a complete protein and that makes it a healthy addition to diabetic and meal plans. Low in fat and containing iron and fiber and especially important for vegetarians.  Think of quinoa as a gluten-free substitute for rice.  Try mixing quinoa with beans.  Or with your favorite salad ingredients for a hearty low carb salad. Costco carries several excellent brands including Organic Quinoa Ancient Blends by Sonoma Valley Farms.

Costco Chicken Stew with Roasted Butternut Squash and Quinoa
Chicken Stew with Roasted Butternut Squash and Quinoa

Costco's Sonoma Valley Organic Quinoa Ancient Blend

Mark this recipe for cooler weather! You’ll LOVE my Chicken Stew with Butternut Squash and Quinoa from my Eating Well to Fight Arthritis cookbook.  This book is filled with healthy easy recipes to help fight inflammation.


Costco Strawberry and Kiwi Mixed Green Salad

Costco Has Best Deal in Town for Greens

You get one pound of packed ready-to-eat Organic Spring Mix for less than 4 dollars and I think that’s a steal! With a handful of other healthy salad options from antioxidant-rich organic spinach to kale salad mix, you can’t go wrong getting with greens.  Toss in fresh berries with your mixed greens for a wonderful salad!  Shop at Costco for affordable, healthy ingredients for my easy diabetic recipes.

Start using my Easy Recipes with Affordable and Available Ingrediens for Diabetic Cooking

Start now and cook healthier with affordable healthy ingredients from Costco.  My ingredients for diabetic cooking will simplify your life.  So, will my healthy, easy recipes!  SAVE and Shop for autographed cookbooks.  Enter TRIM25 for 25% discount on all cookbooks.

Costco KITCHEN 101 easy healthy recipes

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Costco Louisiana healthy recipes

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