Fox and Friends Recipes -Holly Clegg Cooking Segment Appearances

Fox and Friends recipes

Fox and Friends Recipes Featured on Cooking Segment Fun TV

Cooking Fox and Friends recipes was my most fun national television appearances. Best of all, I get to share what I made on Fox and recipes.  Everyone then could make my recipes wherever you lived and they did!  You might not get to taste the food but you do get Fox and Friend’s today’s episode recipes! I had the pleasure of  appearing for years on the Fox and Friends Weekend Show cooking. Of all my national appearances, it was always so much fun!  They loved my trim and terrific cookbooks because I always had healthy easy recipes!


Fox and Recipes Plus Behind the Scenes

The cooking segments were always full of activity and tasting my healthy easy recipes. They loved my eating healthy approach and I loved sharing Fox and Friends today’s episode recipes. Also, they loved to cook outside.I remember it was freezing once and they still made us do the Fox and Friend’s today’s episode recipes outside.  You see in the photo below they wrapped the scarf around me and said have fun cooking! Of course, you do whatever they tell you to do so I cooked outside and shivered!  Any of you that know me know I love my make up!  They always had the best make-up artists and it is a good thing because outside you don’t have the special effects of the lighting.  I had the opportunity to cook my favorite trim & terrific Fox and Friends recipes with the many talents and met some very interesting guess. Hard to believe I appeared on this show for years spreading my trim and terrific recipes to make a difference in people’s lives.  I didn’t even have blonde hair like every other female talent on the show!

Fox & FriendsFox and Friends today's episode recipes

 Fox & Friends recipesFox and recipes

Fox and Recipes Cooking Outside

On Fox and Friends Weekend, they didn’t care about the weather conditions.  They preferred to do the segments outside. I remember freezing one year but I cooked my Fox and Friends recipes outside. One Christmas segment we did get to cook inside.

Fox & Friends Today’s Episodes recipes for Easy King Cake A Favorite

I featured many of my cookbooks on the show and I made everything from salads to entrees but I always included a chocolate recipe as who doesn’t like chocolate? They always looked forward to my appearances for lots of healthy easy recipes. I think their favorite segment was my Easy King Cake recipe from Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook.  Of course, this recipe is everyone’s favorite. You can watch me make it. I wish I could send a taste to you because it is that good!  Check it out here! For  25% discount on ALL MY COOKBOOKS, just enter discount code TRIM25 on my website shopping site.

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