Dinner Party Recipes for Effortless Easy Home Entertaining With Pizzazz!

Dinner Party Recipes For Cooking For Company

Dinner party recipes should not be intimidating for home entertaining!  When my husband asked me to host a dinner party for 12 clients, of course I said yes.  Next he proceeded to tell me which party recipes to include that were his favorites all from my trim and terrific cookbooks!  A dinner party doesn’t stress me out so I decided to give you a glimpse behind the scenes with how I approached the party as yes, I did ALL the cooking myself.
How to Host the Perfect Dinner Party

20151021_195310Dinner Party Recipes I prepared!

Entertaining should be fun and I hope I help you take the stress out of having company at your home.  First,  you have to decide on your menu so you can start to organize the party. I am going to do a series of posts with all the dinner party recipes and here’s my timeline for the party.  A timeline is so helpful! I am very organized and that’s the key to simplifying party giving.

My Dinner Party Recipes All Trim & TERRIFIC!!!

Let’s start with my menu and I will add posts daily (hopefully) with each recipe.  The party came out fabulous and everyone loved all the recipes and ate everything.  Remember, I prepared trim and terrific recipes. The guests always tell me they leave fulfilled and satisfied, but not that overstuffed feeling!
dinner party recipes


Recipes From Gulf Coast Favorites

Crawfish and Sweet Potato Bisque
Southwestern Crawfish Cups                                    
White Chocolate Cheesecake

Recipes From:  Too Hot In The Kitchen cookbook

Crabmeat Dip, Crackers
Barbecue Shrimp over Cheese Grits

Recipes From:  KITCHEN 101 cookbook

Candied Pecan Brie, Gingersnaps
Pepper Dijon Tenderloin, Horseradish Sauce
Asparagus Bundles 
Special Caesar Salad  
Chocolate Peanut Butter Trifle

Now, the fun begins as I always try to do as much as I can ahead of time to pace myself.

My Timeline for Preparing My Dinner Party Recipes

Grocery Shopping -all non-perishables
Buy tenderloin and marinate in refrigerator
Make White Chocolate Cheesecake and freeze

Grocery produce and whatever I forgot or couldn’t find or changed
Made Crawfish and Sweet Potato Bisque (refrigerate)
Made won ton cups
Chopped green onions

Tuesdaydinner party
Set table and put out serving pieces with sticky notes what goes in each dish
Prep Brie (cut off rind)
Prep Trifle- make chocolate pudding, cream cheese filling, cut angel food cake
Make-Ahead Asparagus Bundles (refrigerate on baking pan)
Prepare filling for Crawfish cups
Make Horseradish sauce
Toast sesame seeds for salad
Purchase flowers (however I ended up waiting until Wednesday to get them as they came in fresh on Tuesday and I didn’t want to go out again)

Wednesday morning
Put together trifle in trifle bowl
Take cheesecake out of freezer-decorate with raspberries and drizzle white chocolatedinner party menu

Crabmeat Dip-make and refrigerate
Put together my flower arrangement

Wednesday late afternoon
Take out tenderloin to room temperature

Cook tenderloin
Make BBQ Shrimp
Heat soup
Fill crawfish cups to put in oven
Make Brie

 7:30dinner party recipes
Slice Tenderloin
Make Cheese Grits
Bake Asparagus Bundles
Bake Bread
Toss Salad

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2 thoughts on “Dinner Party Recipes for Effortless Easy Home Entertaining With Pizzazz!

  1. Hi there,

    I was so excited to read about your dinner party. Everything sounds fabulous and I am going to re-create it for my girlfriends. I am wondering what size springform pan you used for the white chocolate cheesecake? It looks bigger than a 10 inch in the pictures. Thanks so much for all your great advice and suggestions. Your timeline is especially helpful. Love your newsletter!

  2. Thanks and I am thrilled this is helpful to you. Entertaining can be fun and I hope to make it less stressful. I did use a 10-inch spring form pan. Be sure to top the cheesecake with berries and drizzle with white chocolate as it makes a spectacular presentation.

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