Desserts, Cookies, Cakes and Pie Recipes: Easy, Healthy and Absolutely Fabulous!

Desserts in my world are always a treat. Yes, I have a sweet tooth!  Whether you’re talking about cookies, cakes or desserts, I usually have a daily treat.  However, all these dessert recipes are always from my cookbooks. Some are even easy desserts for diabetics, but if not, they are still better for you. Remember, even my sweets are healthy easy recipes! So you don’t have to feel guilty!

desserts Chocolate Italian Cream Cake is easy Italian Cream cake recipe

What’s Your Favorite Dessert?

Are you a cookie person or prefer whipped creamy desserts?  Whatever your sweet tooth desires, I can promise you I have a trim and terrific version that tastes just as good.  All my cookbooks include cookies, cakes and desserts. All the recipes have your nutritionall information. If they are a diabetic dessert recipe, they will have a “D” to help you identify it as a diabetic dessert.

desserts for white chocolate cheesecake

Here’s some of my Favorites

My Favorite Cake: Chocolate Italian Cream Cake from KITCHEN 101. I request this cake every year or make it myself for my birthday. My most popular cookie are my Peanut Butter Cookies from KITCHEN 101 and this also is a diabetic peanut butter cookie! My list goes on and on so have fun finding your favorite trim and terrific sweet treat!  Here’s the long list and some are diabetic and some aren’t.  But, they all are amazing and easy to make! I bet you will find all your favorites on my healthy food blog! Lot of people think Too Hot in the Kitchen have the best desserts but I LOVE the White Chocolate Cheesecake in Gulf Coast Favorites.  You be the judge!