Cooking without Gas Recipes Led to Microwave Cooking Salmon

cooking without gas recipes is Mustard Salmon microwave cooking

Cooking without Gas Recipes or Electricity:  Low End Larry’s Advice

Cooking without gas recipes led to cooking salmon in the microave. My analytic s tell me that a lot of my readers hail from Louisiana and New York, two places that are constantly reminded to be prepared. Hurricanes! Terrorists! Everything but locusts- and they may be coming soon.

Am I prepared? No, of course not. My Boy Scout years are long past. Flashlights? I have ten that don’t work. Surely, that must equal one working one. Go bag? No way! The politicians just want us to stay in a state of fear so they can be re-elected.

Is the answer freezing meals?

There’s one thought I did have.  That’s to focus on Holly’s recipes with the snowflake symbol to let me know if the recipe is freezer-friendly.  Why, you may ask? Well, it has to do with my present circumstance. My building is without gas for the next six weeks which means I will be cooking without gas!!!  I know that there’s often discussion around whether it’s better to cook with gas or electric. In my building, at least for this month, the answer is “electric.” However, if I freeze meals, I will be faced with a dilemma. You see, having a packed freezer is perfect when you’re staring at a gas outage. However, there are power outages, too, and losing a freezer’s worth of food would be a disaster to me. So, this doesn’t solve my problem of cooking without gas or electricity!

Cooking Salmon in the Microwave

After panicking, my wife and I stared at our microwave, formerly the machine that melted cheese on bread. Suddenly, it became our egg maker. Our next discovery was that Holly’s Honey Mustard Salmon recipe from her arthritis cookbook (really just a great healthy cookbook) can be cooked in three minutes in the microwave. The trick is to wrap the dish tightly in plastic wrap. Formerly, I would have bragged to you that this recipe takes only 18-25 minutes in the oven. I’ve found 20 minutes extra every night! (We eat this quite often, in case you were wondering.)

It might seem as if I’m washing my dirty laundry in public. Actually, I’m not doing that, but I might resort to that soon; our washers and dryers are gas powered!

Low End Larry is a contributor to The Healthy Cooking Blog-he says this month he is playing the role of a neo-Fred Flinstone

If you like salmon, go straight over to Holly’s most popular YouTube video EVER, Glazed Salmonwith over 300,000 views. Once you see the recipe, you will know why so cooking without gas recipes can work out!

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