College Recipes

College Cooking Can Be Fun with my Healthy College Cookbook

Just because you are in college doesn’t mean you can’t cook!! College cooking can be fun, easy and delicious. Yes, you can eat healthy with my simple college recipes. KITCHEN 101 serves as a first kitchen cookbook because it includes healthy easy recipes plus kitchen basics.  I know in college you have limited time and space. I specialize in simple 30-minute recipes and also believe in one-stop shopping.  My recipes use pantry friendly ingredients and that makes them affordable. I hope my recipes and tips on my healthy food blog inspire you to start cooking.  Actually, KITCHEN 101 makes a perfect first kitchen cookbook.

College Cooking Convenience -First Kitchen Cookbook!

 Holly Clegg’s trim&TERRIFIC KITCHEN 101:

KITCHEN 101 is an easy healthy cookbook and here is why! I believe in convenience products and they will help you prepare recipes quickly. Look for bagged lettuce and cut up vegetables. It is important to take advantage of time savers. With my easy recipes and convenience products, you can cook healthy easily.


If you believe in eating healthy, cooking is the answer. I will make that possible for you. My best advice to you is to have a well stocked pantry! Think of it as a permanent shopping list and KITCHEN 101 includes a chapter devoted to Cooking Basics to give you tips in stocking your kitchen. Speaking of basics, here’s a few colorful necessities to start your college kitchen.

 Baker’s Secret 5-Piece Measuring Spoon Set Pyrex 3-Piece Glass Measuring Cup Set Room Essentials™ Mixing Bowl Set

Stress Free Cooking with Your First Kitchen Cookbook

I have so many recipes and tips that will guide you through the cooking.  My healthy food blog has recipes from simple delicious dips to romantic dinners! I also include menus to guide you to cooking.  I keep the recipes around 10 ingredients and KITCHEN 101 has Fast Foods plus a crock pot chapter.  If you don’t have an ingredient, just leave it out! Don’t ever go back to the grocery store.