Barbecue Bonanza: is the Best Yet to Come?

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Barbecue for the Wedding Weekend

The wedding weekend was coming and I had to figure out the rehearsal dinner so went with barbecue.  In a month, it will be attending my son’s wedding. The bride is a great person, and there’s every reason to think they’ll live happily ever after. Curmudgeon that I am, my friends feel the need to remind me that the wedding weekend will be two of the best days of my life. (check out the wedding Pinterest page).

I don’t think that’s likely, but my mind, like my mouth is always open to new things.

Why the doubt? How could the wedding of your child not be one’s happiest day? Well, you see, a month ago, my wife and I did some research for the rehearsal dinner that we’ll be hosting. “Research” may not sound that exciting; in fact, I had to be dragged to “the lab.” In this case, though, the “lab” turned out to be a caterer who had particular expertise with barbecue and Italian fare.

Barbecue or Lasagna?

Our time with the caterer went something like this: “Would you like to try some grilled salmon with our slow roasted ribs?” “Are you enjoying the fried chicken as much as the lasagna?”

At the caterer’s there were no dance motivators, no videographers asking me to do a 10-second comedy act, and, most importantly, there was no check! They thanked me!

I know that, a month from now, I may see the error of my ways. In fact, I already have some regrets: what was I thinking? Why did I only “interview” one caterer? Fortunately, my other child has announced his engagement. Don’t call me during the first part of 2016. I’ll be in the lab.

I cooked Crispy Southwester Lasagna

I’ve made a lot of Holly’s recipes over the last few years. I associate her recipes with quick, healthy, and, miraculously, ones that make me look good. I never searched for her barbecue or lasagna recipes because, well, I didn’t expect to find one. Does one look for Mother Theresa in a nightclub? Turns out that she has taken care of even my barbecue and lasagna needs.

Here’s her recipe for Crispy Southwestern Lasagna from her cookbook, Eating Well To Fight Arthritis.  You’ll love this recipe, but unless she’s your caterer, you’ll have to cook it yourself.

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