A Wonderful Wedding Weekend

Wedding Weekend Food Tasting

It is humbling to have to admit that I was wrong, but, I admit it; I was wrong. Tasting the food for the rehearsal dinner wasn’t nearly as much fun as being a part of the Wedding Weekend.

This past weekend, my son married Holly’s daughter, Haley. Many newlyweds agonize over whether or not to take their spouse’s name. I guarantee you that the bride never considered becoming, “Mrs. Larry?”  Point of fact, my son never cottoned much to the name, either.

Haley came to the marriage wedding weekendwith a huge dowry. She brought beauty, charm, charisma, and her mother’s cookbooks. And, while it might have been nice if a few cows and goats had been thrown in, honestly, what would I do with a goat in a city apartment?

You ask: How was the food for the Wedding Weekend? I’ll tell you.

The rehearsal dinner at Jacuzzi Vineyards featured lots of barbecue: ribs, chicken, salmon, and, also, macaroni and cheese. Amazingly, recipes for all of these meals can be found in Holly’s cookbooks, though it should be noted that three helpings of each is not recommended if one wants to stay “Trim and Terrific.”

One good thing about paying the bills for the entire dinner is the service I received. Therefore, even though I couldn’t stand up, It’s It Ice Cream sandwiches- yes, “sandwiches, plural,”  were delivered to me at the table.  its

It was a revelation to me that, if you pay enough money, it can be easier to host a rehearsal dinner for 165 than it is to have another couple over for dinner. Plus, you get many more “thank yous” from the 165.

Onto the wedding:

Obviously, I was not responsible for the wedding reception’s menu. New foods to try! A pear soup had a healthy ring to it. The Shrimp and Grits Station was irresistible, particularly since my temporary status as an important person allowed me to cut the line. Shrimp and Cheese Grits was actually Haley’s deposit on her dowry. It was the first meal she ever made me. Afterwards, she gave me Holly’s cookbook with the recipe bookmarked and something about teaching a man to fish. And, who said I wanted to fish?

wedding weekend

Speaking of fish, there was a fish taco station, fitted out with many possible toppings. I chose the guacamole topping because I have yet to find a food that wasn’t improved with a guacamole topping.

My favorite station was the grilled cheese station. There were four different varieties of mini-sandwiches. Having to sample them all was a burden, but one I was up to.

I heard there was dessert and dancing, but I was in a food coma, so I can’t tell you much about that. All in all, there can’t be many better ways to spend a weekend than being in Sonoma, filling up on fantastic food that might as well have been served to me on a silver platter. And, best of all, I now have a daughter-in-law, new in-law relations, and a whole host of new friends.

I don’t think the band played this song, but, “Who Could Ask for Anything More?



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