Larynx Cancer and Nutrition Experience-from My DAD (my hero)

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Larynx Cancer Changed My Life 

Larynx cancer and my dad were the driving influence why I wrote a book for people going through cancer treatment.  It became very personal to me when my Father got his diagonosis.  I am passionate about cooking but to make a difference in my Daddy’s life was my mission.

I am Holly’s father and was diagnosed with larynx cancer and had a laryngectomy (my larynx or voice box is removed), and I speak with an artificial larynx.  I have visited many throat cancer patients in the hospital after they had an operation where they lost their voice, and I always give larynx cancer recipes for treamentthe patients the Eating Well Through Cancer Cookbook. After I had my throat cancer operation I was very weak. I had to have cancer treatments for three months. I also had to have nutritional meals to gain back my strength.

Larynx Cancer and Cancer Diet for my Dad

I was very lucky to have a daughter who is a cookbook author. In order to get me through this crisis Holly would put nutritional recipes together, send them to my wife, and my wife would prepare the recipes for my dinner. Every morning I would have a nourishing breakfast. For lunch I would eat the leftovers from last night’s dinner. For dinner my wife would cook the new recipes that Holly would send every day.

There was 78 patients going through cancer treatments with me.  I saw many of them lose lots of weight, some had to be fed through the stomach and many of them were hospitalized because they were too weak. I believe because of this attention to nutrition I was able to exercise every day and go to the golf course driving range and hit golf balls.  I was the only one in our group that did not lose weight and gained my strength back.

Holly took the nutritional recipes that she sent me as the basis for her cancer cookbook. She collaborated with a very knowledgeable nutritional oncologist and together they wrote their cancer cookbook. Every time I visit a throat cancer
patient in the hospital I give them Eating Well Through Cancer.  The great comments I receive after their cancer treatments makes me understand why this is such an important cookbook that has sold over a half million copies.

I love sweets so Holly’s comforting, trim & terrific Easy Banana Bread really hits the spot!cancer

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