Gel Food Colors By Betty Crocker — Easy Fun Cooking With Gel Food Coloring

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Gel Food Colors By Betty Crocker Literally Changed My Kitchen Life

Gel food colors by Betty Crocker are so much easier to use, not messy and don’t stain everything you touch.  This was the first time I used gel food coloring and this product is actually new to me. I loved using the gel food color and didn’t realize lots of companies make them. I am in Long Island visiting my kids and when I asked my daughter-in-law to pick up food coloring, I wasn’t familiar it. Of course, I wanted to bake some treats with the grand kids. All the kids (including me and the family) love making my Easy King Cake from Gulf Coast Favorites and we use different gel food coloring to make it seasonal.  Here’s a Pink King Cake for Valentine’s Day and I made a Patriotic King Cake

king cake with gel food colors by Betty Crocker for gel food coloring

Kids Cooking Always Includes Gel Food Color for Baking Treats

Whenever I am baking with the grand kids they always want to use gel food coloring.  We always bake together and the girls want everything to have a rainbow colors or be colorful.  So, when Sana, my daughter-in-law brought home this new type of food coloring, I initially thought she bought the wrong thing.

 Food Coloring Liqua-Gel – 6 Color Rainbow Wilton Neon Gel Food Color Set Wilton 4 Piece Primary Color Gel Food Coloring Liqua-Gel – 12 Color Betty Crocker Classic Gel Food Colors – 4 CT BETTY CROCKER FOOD COLOR NEON GEL Bc Bold Gel Food Color Size 2.7 Betty Crocker Classic Gel Food Colors – 4 CT


No Mess with Gel Food Colors

I usually hate messing with food colors.  They seem to get on everything and before I know it my hands are green and blue. That is OK but what I hate is it is do difficult to get the coloring off your hands, the table, or the kids.  I hate when the scolors seems to stain whatever they get on. Well, the gel food coloring worked with more vibrant coloring and best of all, it washed away without all the scrubbing and effort.  Clean up was so simple!

From Cupcakes to A Heart Cake We Used The Food Colors

gel food colors

Let’s Kids Have Fun with the Gel Food Colors

As you can see from our rainbow heart cake above, what a fun project with great taste.  We colored the rainbow effect and of course, added sprinkles.  Because the colors mixed together, don’t let  the heart cake be the judge of their vibrancy.  However, judge how much fun the girls had making the cake with me.  There’s times for perfection and there’s times for fun!


I can’t wait to try the Neon food coloring  I don’t know if they have it at all groceries so that’s why I have included the links to both.  I promise you will never go back to the old messy food colors after you use the gel food colors.  Whether you get the Neon or Classic, Betty Crocker brand gel food colors is the best I have used.

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