How to Throw a Party – Simple Holiday Desserts Make Great Christmas Party Recipes

Christmas party recipes

Wondering How to Throw a Party? No Stress With My Christmas Party Recipes

No need to worry how to throw a party this holiday season because I am giving you my simple holiday desserts. Just a few ingredients, plus red and green food coloring make these are the perfect easy Christmas party recipes. My Ooey Gooey Squares recipe from KITCHEN 101 have been one of most popular pick up desserts for as long as I can remember. With a little food coloring I turned my Ooey Gooey Squares into red and green into festive yet simple holiday desserts. I made the Ooey Gooey Square recipe but divided the cream cheese topping in half to make one side red and one side green.  I put a knife in the middle to keep the fillings separate and poured the red and green filling in the pan.  It worked!

Simple Holiday Desserts to Get into the Festive Mood

If you have never made my Ooey Gooey Squares  – you must!  Every time I entertain or make a sweet treat, my husband ALWAYS wants Ooey Gooey Squares.  What’s so crazy is this treat seems to be the recipe everyone raves about no matter what else have on the menu.  I always keep the ingredients in my pantry so I can whip these yummy, simple holiday desserts any time! These are a time saver as you can make these bar cookies ahead of time!

How to Throw a Party - Simple Holiday Desserts Make Great Christmas Party Recipes

Mini Spatula is One of My Top Unique Kitchen Gadgets

The Pampered Chef Mini SpatulaThe Pampered Chef Mini Spatula


This Mini Spatula has been one of my most LOVED unique kitchen gadgets that I just had to buy it for stocking stuffers.  It is the perfect size to get bar cookies like these fun, festive Yam Chocolate Spice Bars that are another one of my favorite Christmas party recipes!

I bought this mini spatula for all my kids one year and I think anyone I know because it is such a useful  bar cookie spatula. Perfect simple stocking stuffer.



Easy 3- Ingredient Chocolate Truffles Make Great Pick- up Dessert Christmas Party Recipes

Do you have Oreo’s at home?  Odds are you probably have these ingredients in your pantry to make my Chocolate Truffles Dipped in White Chocolate Perfect for your cookie swap as they whip up so easily and then with red and green food coloring, you have a festive holiday cookie.  Any time you involve food coloring, it seems the kids are willing to help so put them to work!

How to Throw a Party - Simple Holiday Desserts Make Great Christmas Party Recipes

3 Ingredient Easiest Bite of Chocolate Decadence

Mini Foil Metallic Paper Cupcake LinersMini Foil Metallic Paper Cupcake Liners

My Oreo Chocolate Truffles Dipped in White Chocolate from Too Hot in the Kitchen cookbook are a must! Only 3 ingredients, and no baking required. These bite-sized treats will melt in hour mouth and are so festive turned red and green for Christmas. So easy, just add red and green food coloring to the white chocolate.

These are easy to serve as you can make them ahead of time for a hassle-free party. I love to place them in these Mini Foil Cupcake Paper Liners for a pretty presentation!


How To Throw A Party –Make A Holiday Snack Mix For Festive Food Recipes

Easy CHristmas party recipes for Snack Mix for Christmas party snacks

This Addictive Snack Mix is a Must When Answering How to Throw A Party

I have to admit I make this Snack Mix recipe year round but with holiday themed M&M’s, it makes the perfect snack or homemade gift idea. Any time I have company at my house, you will find a bowl of this to much on from my arthritis cookbook which really is anti inflammatory recipes that we all need to use.

Turn Snack Mix into Homemade Gifts with Festive Tins

Set of 24 Holiday Goodie ContainersSet of 24 Holiday Goodie Containers

This sweet and salty, totally addictive Snack Mix from Eating Well to Fight Arthritis cookbook is my absolute favorite!  I LOVE to add Christmas colored M&M’s. My Snack Mix instantly turns into one of my favorite Christmas party recipes.

In fact, it makes a great holiday gift wrapped in a cute festive tin.  So easy and homemade – anyone from teachers to neighbors will love to receive! This is one of those recipes I can’t resist. Good thing it is healthy, just try to stop snacking on it!



Let Me Help You With Your Christmas Shopping List for the Cook!

Top 12 Favorite Kitchen GiftsTop 12 Favorite Kitchen Gifts

Have you started making you holiday to-do list but it has you wondering what to give for a gift? Look no further than my Christmas wish list of favorite and 12 top unique kitchen gadgets! Someone emailed me and said they had most of these kitchen items in their kitchen so they knew I was a practical cook! Loved it!!!

So, from an inexpensive mini spatula perfect for bar cookies to my pricey coffee maker which truly makes the best coffee, I have done the research for you. Also, I LOVE the silicon bakeware and kitchen tools. Once you use them, you will understand why. Have a wonderful holiday and I hope I have helped. One last thing- get an autographed cookbook directly from my site with DISCOUNT CODE HOLIDAY for 25% OFF!

My Easy Healthy Cookbooks Include Everyday Recipes with Ever day Ingredients

Find more fun simple holiday desserts to for a stress-free way to answer that question of how to throw a party on my healthy cooking blog. If you want to start cooking healthy then you’ll enjoy my easy healthy recipes in my trim and terrific cookbooks!    Get on Amazon Below of shop directly from my website with discount code HOLIDAY for 25%!

 KITCHEN 101 Gulf Coast Favorites Too Hot in the Kitchen

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