Easy Recipes for Cancer Patients

Easy Recipes for Cancer Patients: Cancer Cookbook Updated 15 Year Anniversary Edition!

I am thrilled to share my easy recipes for cancer patients at such a challenging time.  All my cancer recipes are made with everyday ingredients and will feed everyone in the family.  Who has time to cook separate meals?  The Eating Well Through Cancer cookbook new edition is wonderful with color photographs for each recipe plus the book is an amazing resource of information.  I have so many cancer recipes on my healthy food blog to help you during treatment and recipes for cancer prevention

Pat Robertson on The 700 Club Praised Cancer Cookbook! WOW!!

Eating Well Through CancerEating Well Through Cancer

It was so special being on The 700 Club to share my new cancer cookbook and what it meant to me was memorable.  I know how many people this book has helped during this challenging time.  What a fantastic meaningful show and you can watch me prepare cancer recipes from the show.

Who Will Use These Easy Cancer Recipes?

Glazed Ginger chicken to increase appetite for no appetite and best diet cancer patients diet

Eating Well Through Cancer is for cancer patients, however, the whole family, young and older, will enjoy these scrumptious, 30-minute healthy recipes.  The book includes an oncologist’s chapter introduction and tips, menu planning, nutritional analysis and diabetic exchanges. This cookbook serves as a guide for nutrition before, during, and after treatment. The focus of this book are simple nourishing recipes to give you needed nutrition and energy during treatment.

Cancer Recipes TESTIMONIALS   

“I wanted Holly to know how fantastic I think her book is because I am a registered dietitian.  I teach a nutrition class for cancer patients. The nurses I work with gave me the book as a reference and I think it is excellent!!! I highly recommend the cancer cookbook to the patients I teach. I also plan to promote her other books and website through the American Dietetic Association Weight Management practice group.”   Marci Anderson, Registered Dietitian Wellness Institute, Provo, Utah

This cookbook has been a wonderful resource for our patients. It is informative and practical and patients and caregivers love it. We have provided this cookbook for our patients for about 8 years. We were thrilled when the Spanish version was published. It is a terrific resource for patients throughout their journey. Gay Prescott, Vice President of Development, Hope Cancer Resources, Arkansas

The number one subject cancer patients request information on is nutrition.  We found Holly’s cookbook to be the perfect resource for our patients and their family members because the cookbook offers delicious and nutritious recipes.  Also, the book is organized by how the cancer patients feels and what they need. This book has become an invaluable tool for our patients and their families and many patients continue to use this book years after their diagnosis.”  Megan Doyle Battaglia, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY